We are long overdue for a change that puts physical therapy and conservative care first.

But this will not happen if PTs continue relying on physician referrals. 

The PT Freedom Info Kit reveals how you can attract new patients directly from the public and take control of your business.

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The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES PTs make when marketing online (and what to do instead)

The Future Of Private Practice PT

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I first saw Chad and BPTM on FB 2 years ago. I ignored it. I believe last July of 2016 hey why not give this guy a shot. We were seeing an average of 430 visits a month prior to joining BPTM. I almost called it quits because I was working 50 hours per week treating and burning out. Fast forward as of August this year was our highest visit ever at 810. I am only treating 30 hours per week. I am so thankful to Chad and the entire family of BPTM.

Joe L.

I want to give a special thanks to Chad Madden and his group of gurus. I started with Chad several years ago and went from a little Mom & Pop PT clinic to revenue of over a million. I see patients myself only 2 days a week. I have money in the bank! I pay myself well.

Wendolyn R.

A big thank you goes out to Chad Madden. Carl Mattiola. Josh Isaak and the rest of the BPTM nation. Joe and I just closed the sale / partnership of our business. We could not have done it without BPTM. We were able to scale our business within our control because of what we learned and we are so thankful ! Within 1 years time , the offer we received was doubled because of our marketing efforts that we learned.

Cathy S.

Use the information in this kit to gain a competitive advantage over POPTS, HOPTS and large corporate PT companies in your area!